How I deal with Monday blues!


When life gives you Monday, dip it in glitter and sparkle all day.

-Ella Woodward

Okay, I’m still not over Monday morning blues. But the good thing is that they aren’t as frustrating as before. Also I realized that I can make my Mondays better with few tricks to keep my mind busy.

As per my mind, my day is fruitful only when it’s productive. I don’t know if that’s the normal human tendency or if it’s just me, but our society as a whole truly appreciates productivity. I have a version of me in my mind that I truly want to achieve. If I have to do that, I need to cut out the usual negatives (laziness, procrastination, taking time for granted) out of my life. Rest is absolutely necessary. But when rest period becomes too comfortable to let go, that’s a warning sign.

The tricks I use to make everyday fruitful (especially Mondays) :-

Try to wake up early : I’ve specifically mentioned “try” here as it’s still a W.I.P. I have to put extra efforts going ahead to achieve this goal. An early start to the day gives me extra time to complete my ideal morning ritual that gives a good boost to my day. I’m failing miserably at this at the moment. But I do hope to consistently push myself everyday till it becomes a habit. Till then, I’ll keep trying.

Meditate for 20 mins right after waking up : This is the best part of my day at the moment. I absolutely love it. My concentration is very weak at the moment but I push myself everyday to do it nevertheless. Meditation is like a deep rest to our constantly chatty mind. Doing it consistently improves our focus, makes us calm, makes us aware of our thoughts and helps us deal with anxiety better. I’m on a 4 day streak currently and wish to make this a habit too.

Workout for 30 mins : This is the most difficult part of my day. I fight thoughts of skipping my workouts everyday. But once I’m through with it, I feel absolutely charged (close to invincible) to tackle the rest of the day. I’ll try to schedule a hard workout on every Monday. Mondays won’t seem as bad once I’m done with the hardest part of my day.

This is what I do currently to ward off Monday morning blues. I intend to add the below activities to make my Mondays a happy one too.

  • Plan ahead. I will note down my Monday schedule beforehand on a Sunday to be mentally prepared for the start of a new work week
  • Visualize/Gratitude practice : I’ve done gratitude journaling before without being consistent about it. I truly plan to incorporate it in my daily schedule. These are powerful activities that bring a positive change in our subconscious mind. The benefits of these activities might take long to show but they are highly effective in the long run.
  • Sleep early the day before : I don’t know about others but less sleep makes me drowsy and irritable. A proper sleep timing and schedule helps calm my mind.

I’ll try to put everything in practice to the best of my ability. Till then, wish you an amazing new week ahead!!