HaPpY despite the odds


“Life is a journey, and if you fall in love with the journey, you will be in love forever.” 

Peter Hagerty

Do you know why we feel so nostalgic about our childhood memories? Why do we always feel that we were happier as kids? “Adulting” is mostly associated with stress, anger and frustration. Then comes the quarter life, mid-life crisis situations. Why is everything a crisis once we grow up? Firstly, once we grow up, other people start having expectations from us to do certain things and behave in a certain manner. Secondly, as kids, the one thing we enjoyed the most was the freedom to do what we wanted. As a child we didn’t realize it. Most of the kids don’t particularly enjoy studying and they feel forced to do it. Yet, as kids, our desires were basic and we found time to fulfil all of them. Once we grow up and have to take care of personal and professional responsibilities that take up most of our time. Happiness is all about doing what is in sync with our mind and heart. When we don’t do such things for whatever reasons, depression slowly crawls it’s way to our lives.

For the last couple of days, I’ve been meaning to wake up early, be organized with my work, complete everything before time and strike off items from my to-do list. Yet, I’ve been experiencing insane bouts of laziness ever since I’ve been with additional responsibilities at home after my mother fractured her arm. Every day in the morning all I wish to do is continue sleeping to avoid experiencing another day filled with activities that I don’t particularly enjoy. What should I rather be doing in such situations to keep my cool and be happy?

As I’ve said few times before, I’ve been experiencing indescribable happiness from small little things/events that take place in our daily life. As I’m feeling overwhelmed with work at the moment, the only thing I wish to do is sleep a little while longer to avoid facing a new day. At the end of the day, I feel content to have completed other responsibilities on time. Yet, I experience a big void as I was too lazy to indulge in activities that truly light up my soul.

Doing things that make your inner soul happy is a foolproof way of being consistently happy despite the odds. That’s exactly what I’m procrastinating now and am unable to experience happiness at the end of the day.

Please make time for activities that truly make you happy. These things should be part of your daily life and can be as basic as listening to your favorite song. This might give you the much needed happiness boost to make each day worthwhile.

Making my time count


“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot”

-Michael Altshuler

I wanted to do so many things today. Yet, I’m sitting on my bed at the end of the day today, completely clueless about the manner in which I spent my day. I woke up in the morning with a plan to complete all my work on time. I had a mental list of everything that I wanted to work on today. But I ended up having an extremely rushed day, wasting most of the time zoning out or on the phone and just like that, my day got over.

I don’t know why I’m unable to take action on every task on my to-do list. When I almost get around to do it, there’s a voice in my head which says this can be done tomorrow and I listen to it like an ardent follower. Why am I being so lazy? I have absolutely no clue. I am totally aware that I can work on completing every work on my list on the same day if I put my mind to it. So what’s exactly wrong?

I’m not a lazy person yet there are times when my easy going nature causes a lot of inconsistencies with the timing of my work. I really don’t wish to waste even a single millisecond of my life.

The best way to get a hold on our life is by journaling. When I pen down our thoughts, I understand myself a little better each time. Fighting procrastination has been one of the main goals my life.

I’m too overwhelmed with housework and office work at the moment. I know that I can do much better than this. Every day I wake up with the intention of doing all my work before time and I end up doing the exact opposite of that. My mind isn’t able to handle my volatile emotions and has decided to seek the safe way out by doing absolutely nothing.

Looking forward to a better tomorrow.

Good night!

Show me the money

Too many people spend money they earned..to buy things they don’t want..to impress people that they don’t like.

Will Rogers


I’m closely connected to a person who has a money spending problem. This person’s entire life revolves around money. He wants to earn money without working too hard for it. He isn’t able to part with the money earned by him, no matter how insignificant the sum is. He piles on loans after loans and doesn’t wish to repay them, a very uncanny thought which leads him to believe that money received through any source is his to keep. Ironically, this person also has a family to fend for. How does he manage his responsibilities you ask? Sadly, by ignoring them. When the breadwinner has difficulty in managing finances of his family, other members have to rise to the occasion. The family thrived and shone in adversities without the help of the supposed patriarch.

Now that he is old, his source of money is on a constant decline. The concept of saving money for future needs never crossed his mind. This person has a weird understanding of money. As far as he is concerned, he can never have enough money, is always short of it and keeps asking for more. When it comes to his family members who are working hard to be independent, he believes that they have an unnatural source of money and demands his share frequently. He only asks about the sources of income of his family members or any person for that matter and conveniently excludes the expenditure. When it comes to money, this person’s idea of ‘living in the present’ has been detrimental to his survival. I have no clue how and when he developed this problem.

So how much money is really enough? Why are humans so crazy about money? Everything that surrounds us is profoundly affected by money. People work on jobs they absolutely hate to keep their family afloat, some indulge in criminal activities to survive, others just to add to their huge pile of money, some compromise their soul, happiness, passion, hobbies to earn more, some save through the entire life to spend on their retirement, money really governs all our minor and major decisions in life.

How much attachment to money is really enough? When we start dissociating ourselves from our core personalities just for the sake of earning money, we gradually lose interest in our life and have difficulty staying happy. Is earning more money worth losing our sleep and happiness over? When should we stop? People are on a constant chase of earning money, spending it on materialistic things that give momentary happiness and seek constant validation from the world at large. Why do humans care so deeply about other people’s thoughts?

There are a lot of unanswered questions about money in my mind. Money enormously affects every human to walk on the face of this earth. My only wish for the world at large is to focus on making happiness a necessity rather than considering money a source of happiness. Figure out ways to keep yourself sane and happy without involving an unrealistic amount of money. Is that really possible? If we stop and pause, list down things we really need for survival and compare it with everything we end up buying on our impulse shopping trips, we surely would find things that give us no happiness or usage. Happiness, sanity, peace and calm is what keeps you afloat during hardships and let’s you hold your hope high for the future. Let’s try and work on improving our quality of life than blindly earning money.