“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”


What is it about music that brings an instant relief and sense of happiness to my life? I’m not a musician, neither am I a student of music. I am normal human who derives immense pleasure from listening to music. Sometimes listening to favorite songs changes my mood, helps me concentrate, makes me instantly happy, deviates my mind from the reality and brings peace to my mind.

I really wish to know how music became such an integral element of everyone’s life. There’s a right kind of music for every occasion. Music also has the ability to bring out certain emotions from people that words fail to derive. While listening to songs that were my jam in the past, I instantly time travel to the past and relive those moments.

I haven’t come across a single person in my life who doesn’t listen to any kind of music. I’m sure such people do exist and I’m curious to know how they manage to exclude this beautiful element from their lives.

There are some songs that hit the right chord with me from the word go. I have a tendency to keep listening to the same songs on repeat once I like them. I never outgrow such songs and they take a permanent place in my playlist. For a person like me who has a limited attention span, music does manage to draw my attention to it every single time. Of late, listening to songs has made my long bus commute to office so much better. It has a magical effect of soothing my nerves and bringing a smile on my face every single time. I really don’t know what this world would do without music. Sounds like a really sad and depressed world to me.