Offshore Reader Award


This feels surreal. Yesterday, I posted about the “Sunshine Blogger Award” and was nominated for another one today. Thank you Recuperation for considering my blog worthy of this acknowledgment.

Recuperation manages a wonderful blog with insightful articles. I’ll leave a link to the blog below. Please do pay a visit and extend your support.


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I was asked the below question by Recuperation.

What motivates you to write more ?

Writing has always been a way for me to let out my emotions. I’m an introvert and shy person by nature. I do have a close knit of friends who stand beside me through thick and thin in life. However, sometimes even after sharing my thoughts with people, I have a nagging feeling of unsettledness. Writing greatly helps me with clarity in my thoughts and many a times I end up finding solutions to my problems or at least manage to calm my nerves down in the process of putting my thoughts to words.

Presently, my participation in the 100 day challenge is a great motivation for me to write more. It’s already day 12 and I can’t believe I lasted this long. Looking forward to a great writing journey ahead.

I further nominate my fellow 2 bloggers for this award :-

My question to the nominees :

What instantly brings a smile to your face/makes you happy no matter how sad or upset you are?

My sincere thanks to everyone for reading my blog posts, your gracious comments and heartfelt support on this journey.