Not that bad

“Having a friend at work will make you hate your job less.”


I was very excited when I had just joined my current workplace. I was eager to work in a new environment, learn new things and have a fresh new start in my career. My excitement died down within a week of joining this place. I came to know that the only colleague in my team was on his notice period and I would be left all alone in my team after he left the organization. I’m not an extrovert by nature but I’m not a fan of boredom either. For almost 3 months, my weekday routine consisted of going to office, working alone at my desk, eating lunch along while scrolling through my phone, desperately waiting for the clock to strike 6 pm so that I could leave the workplace.

Things changed when a new joiner entered our department. Although she was part of a different team, we bonded well as we both were new comers in the organization. I finally had someone to talk to in office and no longer had to eat lunch alone. She is 7 years younger to me and comes from a completely different socio-economic background. There were many things we didn’t connect on but still enjoyed each other’s presence in the office. I always felt lonely and extremely bored when she was on leave from office. This made me wonder how things would work out when she planned to leave the organization to pursue further studies.

The dreaded thought became a reality last year when she quit the organization. I didn’t notice much of a difference until the end of December as my visits to office were sporadic, about twice a week. My office visits became regular 2 weeks back however things don’t seem as bad as I anticipated it to be. The Universe perfectly timed the entry of a new person in my life in the form of an old office colleague who I’ve rediscovered recently. She joined a year later than us and we both report to the same boss without being part of the same team. We shared a formal relationship earlier and never interacted much with each other. Our socio-economic backgrounds, thought process and outlook towards life has a lot of similarities and that helped us bond easily over the last few weeks. She has a treasure trove of stories filled with life experiences and I enjoy listening to them during the lunch time. I look forward to spending more time with her and relax my mind after a mentally stressful time at work.

This experience made me realize that we gain absolutely NOTHING by being ANXIOUS about the future. I spent way more time than I should, dreading the day my other colleague would quit the office and leave me all alone. When the time actually arrived, I was able to cope up without feeling depressed or upset about it. The Universe has it’s way of filling up the empty spaces in our life at the right time! Makes me wonder when it’s time for me to meet “THE ONE” as I feel that’s one feeling/experience I’ve been deprived of all my life. I’m starting to sound like Ted Mosby from the show “How I Met Your Mother“. Well, IT IS WHAT IT IS! There are days when I don’t think about it at all and then there are days when the questions in my mind just won’t stop. I’m sure the Universe has the absolute best in store for me (doesn’t hurt to think positive right?) and wants me to wait for the right time. I can only pray and hope that the right time (and person) arrives soon!