I got scammed!


Yesterday was a day full of big realizations for me when it comes to my online shopping skills. I had ordered 2 night suits online from a new website (https://cushhy.com/) and skipped all the basic yet extremely necessary precautions as I was too excited about it. The product was delivered yesterday and I got a bunch of 2 extremely cheap looking T-shirts instead of the night suits that I ordered. I was extremely upset but this has been a big learning experience for me.

Let me list down the basic checks before placing an order from any new website to avoid getting scammed like me. I’m sure you all must be aware of it yet I’m reiterating it to avoid taking these precautions for granted. This is the first time I got scammed as I’m usually very careful when it comes to ordering stuff online. I’m going to make it a habit to check for these red flags before placing any order online in future from an unknown website.

  • Check the review of website/products offered on Youtube/any written reviews :- I blindly trusted the website to deliver the exact product I ordered and didn’t check for any reviews (this makes me sound so stupid!). If the website doesn’t have a review section for the products, search for written reviews online on Google or review videos on YouTube.
  • Check the contact us section of the website :- The website that I ordered from had only an email address listed in their contact details. They hadn’t updated any contact numbers or address on the website for returns or issue redressal. (https://cushhy.com/pages/contact-us)
  • Check for the return policy :- It should contain the timeline for return and exchange of goods and the refund policy in case we are not satisfied with the quality of the product. The return policy should mention the address for return of the specified goods. (https://cushhy.com/pages/shipping-return-policy)
  • Don’t let the sale/cheap deals fool you :- Pause and go through all the necessary checks before placing an order.

I’ve been trying to find help online for relief measures in case of such scams. I have sent an email to the company which hasn’t (wouldn’t) be addressed. I have also filed a complaint with the National Consumer Helpline (https://consumerhelpline.gov.in/), haven’t heard back from them as well. I’ll update this section with the relief measures if I’m successful in getting back my refund. Please do let me know if I should be doing anything else to claim back my money and stop these scamsters from fooling other people.