Slowly but surely

“Positive anything is better than negative nothing.”

Elbert Hubbard

Day 25/30

A pessimistic attitude towards life can suck the energy out of you. Our life is built on hope and in it’s absence we will feel absolutely unsettled. Given the current scenario, it is very easy to go off track and feel helpless. We might feel like we have lost control over our life. Our brain can easily spiral into the wrong direction and give us all the possible reasons to be unhappy.

Our time is limited on this planet, every single second is precious. While it’s practically impossible to make every moment count, we can try and train our mind to see the good in every situation. We can strive hard to live in the moment, write down every thing that we have been procrastinating on for a long time and tick off the checklist one by one, buy those things that have been lying in your wish list since forever, reconnect with old friends, watch a feel good movie. In general, use your time on things that make you happy.

The last 2 days have been emotionally harrowing. Two of my closest extended family members are dealing with this deadly virus. I’m praying that they get well soon and come back home hale and hearty. This situation has forced me to think about how I spend my time stressing over things that never take place, being anxious about my past and future alike, not being satisfied with the way I live my life and treating happiness like an expensive commodity. I do end up allocating a huge chunk of my time in life on things that aren’t fruitful or don’t make me happy. I tend to consistently worry about the implications of my current decisions on my future life and stress about not being able to make the most of my life. Well guess what, even after stressing about all of this day in and day out, I haven’t made any progress on figuring out the perfect manner of living a fulfilled life. It’s high time I stop caring about this and start channeling all my focus on the present moment alone.

Going to make it my life’s motto to live by this rule.

“Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.” 

— Mother Teresa

Take a chill pill


Change your thoughts and you change your world

Norman Vincent Peale

It’s been a while since I started having second thoughts and a feeling of extreme dissatisfaction with my career choice. As a kid, my only goal in life was to become a doctor. I really didn’t have an introspective, deep reason behind it. During my childhood, becoming a doctor was held in high regards by the society, the child was presumed to be intelligent and on the right path. The society’s thoughts completely influenced my decision. No matter who asked a question about my future career choice, my answer always remained consistent, “doctor”.

When it was time to select the stream for my further education, my marks fell short for “Science” stream in the college of my choice. I ended up selecting “Commerce” in the same college without being forced or guided by anyone. My mother would have wholeheartedly supported my decision no matter my choice. I feel like “Commerce” chose me instead of it being the other way around. My life started becoming simpler once I went with this choice.

Now 8 years later, my brain somehow keeps telling me that I hate this field, my profession, my career and life. No one forced me to do this yet I act like a victim in the clutches of my life’s situations. I have always kept a firm belief that life keeps ‘happening’ to me rather than being in control of it. That’s an easy way to escape from the reality than owning up to it and taking responsibility for each of our life’s choices.

I had an aha moment today. I always felt that my life would run it’s course in my 9 to 5 corporate job and I’ll end up being the person who only has regrets in their old age. But I don’t have to do this all my life, I don’t “have” to do anything in life forcefully. I can work for few years and figure out what I really want to do next. I can save up enough for an early retirement and just travel the world. I can work on creating an alternative source of income and quit my job. I can do anything, I can be anything in life. The only constant in our life is “change“, everything else is temporary. Why on earth am I suffering today, struggling to be happy today, stressing about my future that has’t panned out or won’t necessarily pan out according to my imagination?

I have stressed about this way too much and couldn’t help but smile after having my aha moment today. It was this simple. Time to take a chill pill and enjoy my life.