Light it up like Dynamite!


It’s 12 pm right now, I’m typing this post quivering with excitement. BTS has dropped their new single “Dynamite” at 9.30 am today. I’ve logged off from my social media as I’m yet to watch it and don’t want to bump into any spoilers. I’m in office today and definitely don’t wish to watch the MV (music video) hushed up inside the office on my phone. BTS MV’s deserves to be reveled on the big screen (my home TV in this case).

It was year 2012, when I first got introduced to the magical world of K-pop. I call it magical for a very definite reason. I was neck deep in studying for my C.A. Final exams. This involves studying for 8 different subjects with vast curriculum and year long preparations consisting of long hours each day. Calling this time of my life stressful would be an understatement. After attempting the first paper, I got extremely panicky after reaching home. My heart was racing and I had to lie down to control my breathing. I was never scared of giving an exam in my entire life, but the pressure and absolute necessity to clear this exam freaked me out to another level.

My sister was already into K-pop at that time and kept pestering me to listen to their songs or watch their shows. I never paid heed to her suggestions as I was too closed minded (call dumb) to listen to music in a language that was completely unheard of (to me, as I said, I was DUMB). That day I decided to sit with her in front of the computer when she was watching a Korean variety show just to divert my anxious mind from all the stressful thoughts. It felt like I was teleported to a parallel universe where there are no worries. The variety show was extremely funny and made me laugh till I dropped. That was the exact stress buster my mind was seeking, I realized that day laughter is the best medicine after all. I was hooked to K-pop after then. The band I followed first was known as SS501, I moved on to Super Junior who were my bias and source of strength and happiness for a long time. I remember coming back from each exam and watching Super Junior shows just to blow off some steam before I sat down to study for the next exam. Super Junior kept me sane during that time, they are the reason I could give my exams in peace and eventually ended up clearing it.

BTS came into my life when I had no interest in it anymore. It was the year 2015 and all I did those days was work for a job that left me exhausted to live my life. I had insanely long working hours and didn’t practically enjoy any part of it. It was my sister again who re-introduced me to K-pop through BTS. I was closed minded yet again because I didn’t really feel like investing my energy in anything at that time. I realized much later that I didn’t have to “invest” my energy into BTS, they became the biggest source of it. The process of falling in love with BTS was slow and organic. They were the biggest underdogs in the K-pop industry, it was through sheer determination, hard work and sincerity that they became the “legends” that they are now. I and my sister have followed their entire journey and it’s nothing short of spectacular. They have shattered all barriers imposed on them and emerged victorious time and again. They teach me to never give up on my dreams, love myself unconditionally and find happiness in the smallest things. Their songs have the power to instantly uplift my mood and bring a smile on my face. My love for them knows no limits.

It’s 1.44 pm now. I just can’t wait to get back home. Before that I have 3 hrs of office work and 6 excruciatingly painful hours of travelling ahead but I don’t mind any of it at all, no, NOT TODAY!

P.S. If you don’t know who BTS are, they are the biggest boy band on the planet right now!