Making my time count


“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot”

-Michael Altshuler

I wanted to do so many things today. Yet, I’m sitting on my bed at the end of the day today, completely clueless about the manner in which I spent my day. I woke up in the morning with a plan to complete all my work on time. I had a mental list of everything that I wanted to work on today. But I ended up having an extremely rushed day, wasting most of the time zoning out or on the phone and just like that, my day got over.

I don’t know why I’m unable to take action on every task on my to-do list. When I almost get around to do it, there’s a voice in my head which says this can be done tomorrow and I listen to it like an ardent follower. Why am I being so lazy? I have absolutely no clue. I am totally aware that I can work on completing every work on my list on the same day if I put my mind to it. So what’s exactly wrong?

I’m not a lazy person yet there are times when my easy going nature causes a lot of inconsistencies with the timing of my work. I really don’t wish to waste even a single millisecond of my life.

The best way to get a hold on our life is by journaling. When I pen down our thoughts, I understand myself a little better each time. Fighting procrastination has been one of the main goals my life.

I’m too overwhelmed with housework and office work at the moment. I know that I can do much better than this. Every day I wake up with the intention of doing all my work before time and I end up doing the exact opposite of that. My mind isn’t able to handle my volatile emotions and has decided to seek the safe way out by doing absolutely nothing.

Looking forward to a better tomorrow.

Good night!

What happens after?


“The true secret of happiness lies in the taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.”

– William Morris

Don’t we all have dreams that we desperately wish to fulfill? There are few short term goals related to our job, family or general well being. Then there are long term goals that need our continued focus and dedication over a prolonged period of time. Then comes those kind of goals that we dream about everyday but never believe that it can be accomplished.

When I was a kid, due to the financial condition of my family, my only goal was to earn enough money to live a stress free life. Weight loss was also one those unbelievable goals for me. It took my entire childhood, teenage and most of my 20’s to accomplish these 2 wishes. These were my 2 most prominent dreams. But my life didn’t change one bit after I achieved these goals. My life was the same, probably riddled with more fear and stress than it ever had before. I had money now but lost my purpose behind earning it. I had lost my excess weight but somehow still criticize my body. Life doesn’t seem that rosy once our dreams are accomplished.

Achieving something or completion of an activity that is very close to our heart fills us with an irreplaceable void that’s difficult to comprehend. We are always fed the false idea of “Happy ever after” in movies and books. They always make happiness sound like a destination and never the amazing journey that it actually is. It’s always the process that counts and our present that helps us make beautiful memories. We tend to merely exist waiting for the “grand finale” or “D-day” to start enjoying our life. Why can’t we enjoy the process enough? Why isn’t being happy “today” a sought after concept? There is no “ever after” to happiness and mental peace. Our life always unfolds in the present, the future is just a vision to give us a goal for the present, the past is a reflection to understand our strengths and weakness. But the real life is NOW.

Wish someone could have told me this sooner. It took me a hell lot of time to figure out the easiest and most basic way to make happiness a priority. There might be 100 things that make you upset today, yet find that one thing that makes you happy and stick to it. It always about the small things. And give your best in whatever you do, what goes around, comes around.