Small wins

Do you have a bad habit which you’ve been trying to quit since a long time without any success? For me, it has been my addiction to sugar. I’ve been heavily dependent on sugar for my constant source of happiness ever since I was a kid. I didn’t understand the repercussions of having such a dangerous addiction back then. More than the health hazards, I wanted to quit sugar to gain more control over my decisions. I have a tendency to indulge in sugar and sugary foods whenever I am sad or low in life. The cravings I get during such phases are massive and I have absolutely no control over the amount of sugary food I dump inside my body. I ate (rather gobbled up) sweet food for the sake of it, sometimes to feel better, many a times to punish myself for not working hard enough.

I spent many months and years into controlling my sugar cravings. Initially I restricted myself which backfired as I ended consuming double the quantity later on. As restricting completely didn’t work I decided to allow myself a cheat day. This also was counter productive as I consumed large portions even during my cheat days. Then I started learning about the ill effects of sugar consumption. The facts connected to this topic blew my mind yet it wasn’t enough to gain control back from sugar which wholly controlled my cravings. What I didn’t know was that all my efforts were getting counted even if the visible progress seemed slow. I would call “meditation” a breakthrough in my struggle to quit my sugar addiction. I gained more clarity and have been feeling a slight decrease in my sugar cravings.

26 days of continued mediation streak later, I finally had my eureka moment today. I ordered a bunch of sugary foods as I was feeling a bit dejected due to my office work. I picked up one pastry with the intention of eating another one after it. Halfway through eating the cake I realized I found it too sweet for my liking and couldn’t finish. This has never happened before. I could never control my mind when it comes to sugary food but I did it today and it felt extremely empowering. I will test few more times to be completely sure of it. As of now I am celebrating as this incident made me extremely happy!

If you believe something, you can make it happen. That’s all you need.  

Franklin A. Ohiozebau

Extra dramatic!


Today I would like to reminisce the day of my Chartered Accountant (C.A.) final results, 19th July 2012. The process of studying for this grueling exams and the stress build up before the result day calls for 2 totally independent blog posts. I would just like to narrate the sequence of events on July 19th leading up to declaration of my results.

During those days I was a very superstitious, religious, god-fearing young girl. I had no confidence in checking the results on my own or be present in my house when the results came out. My parents, especially my mother had huge expectations from me and I couldn’t let her down.

My preparations for the exam weren’t up to the mark and I wasn’t confident about my performance. Clearing the exams was more of a desperate need than an achievement. I wouldn’t have been able to face my mother had the results been negative. On July 19th, we got a notification in the morning saying that the results have been delayed. Instead of 2 pm in the afternoon, they were supposed to come in the evening.

I couldn’t stay at home anymore, my mind was working overtime to churn out all possible negative thoughts. I told my mother I’d visit a temple and come back. Now, this temple that I was supposed to visit is more than a hour away from my home. I figured it was a good way to pass my time rather than sit at home waiting for the clock to tick faster. I went to a specific temple I desperately wanted to visit to calm myself down. When I reached the place, I saw that the temple had been closed for a break in the afternoon. I was a little dejected but decided to stay there till the time they were supposed to re-open it. After about half an hour, I couldn’t sit there any longer and decided to walk towards another temple close by.

This walk has to be the most momentous walk of my life. About 5 minutes before I could reach the temple, I started getting calls on my phone. Panic struck that the results have been declared, I chose not to look at the mobile and continue my steps towards the temple. I switched off my cell phone owing to the continuous calls and messages. I had decided to keep chanting positive affirmations in my mind till I reached the temple. I went inside the temple, prayed and switched on my phone. The phone screen flashed with “Mom calling”. I took a deep breath and pressed on receive.

Me : Hello

Mom : Where were you? I’ve been trying to reach you since long

Me : What is it? Have the results been declared?

Mom : Yes…..


Me : What? Really? (I genuinely couldn’t believe what I had just heard!)


Honestly, the fact that I had become a Chartered Accountant didn’t sink in for days after the result. Today, 8 years after the results and living my life as a Chartered Accountant, I can’t help but laugh at the extra dramatic manner in which I ushered in the result news, inside a temple for crying out loud!