Monthly recap : June 2021

I totally wanted to skip this month’s recap. June has been my worst month in terms of productivity. I don’t know how I managed to spend an entire month in utter confusion and anxiety. I managed to skip all my usual self care activities (meditation, workouts and journaling) for most part of this month. I did have a busy work schedule during the last week of June but that doesn’t explain my unproductive streak for the first 3 weeks. I think I needed a break from my usual routine, I wasn’t able to focus or concentrate on the good parts of my life. I took time to heal and it worked to an extent. I won’t say I’m completely back to my usual self but I don’t feel that anxious and confused anymore. I consider that a huge win.

Mental health

  • Meditated for 3/30 days.
  • Journaled/documented my day for days.
  • Practiced gratitude journaling for 0 days.

Personal Growth

This section is for a new skill or talent that I’ve acquired in this month, tried a new activity or thing that has pushed me out of my comfort zone.

  • I don’t recollect doing anything special or different this month


  • Zero outdoor/indoor runs
  • Worked out for 8/30 days


  • Zero progress with CFA level 1 curriculum.
  • Zero online courses completed in June


  • Completed reading 0 books (More than halfway through 3 books.)
  • No movies/web series

Looking back at my progress this month, I could have easily skipped posting this. But the book I’m reading currently has helped change my perspective at looking things. The book goes by the name “Mindset” by renowned psychologist “Carol Dweck”. The book speaks about two different kind of mindsets that people have “Fixed and Growth”.

I wish to try new things, work hard on myself, focus on learning and growth, not let my mistakes and failure define me, take on new challenges and experience life. That will be my focus in July. Let’s see how this month treats me.

10 thoughts on “Monthly recap : June 2021

    • That’s so sweet Hemalatha. Things are looking better this month. Working hard on creating a good routine that would help me even during these on and off bouts of anxiety. Do read the book, the author “Carol Dweck” has shared some awe-inspiring insights about the human mind. 🙂

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      • Aww that’s a good news! Will be waiting for the July wrap-up post.
        Yes, I’m planning to read books related to Psychology and will add this book in TBR. Thank you ❤️


    • Thanks a lot bb. Yes, my life was on pause last month and I do feel a little upset about it. But every new experience is a lesson in disguise, so working on becoming better at handling such situations in future. It sure was a month filled with learnings. 🙂


  1. It’s ok if we don’t follow through on our plans sometimes…it’s important to take a break, reassess and then get back in the game with Renewed vigour…..hope July is turning out the way you planned 💖👍🏻

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    • Thank you so much for your kind comment. Yes, that was my plan for July. I started July with a lot of excitement however I fell sick in the second week and had to take a break again to recover from it. Hoping that the worst is over and I can get back on track in August.

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  2. Hello friend,

    I missed your posts. And wanna read more on regular basis.

    (I’m) Not reading many blogs nowadays. It has been since I posted my last post. While checking the browser version of wp I found your blog in the reader.

    Before commenting here I have helped, appreciated and encouraged hundreds of bloggers. It all happened because of positive vibes.

    I shall not say, ‘welcome back, that sounds creepy. Yes, I want to read more (if possible regularly). 🙂👍

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    • Lokesh, thanks a lot, this is very motivating. Even I was on a long hiatus from wordpress but I’m back for good. I haven’t got around to start reading other blogs yet but I’m planning to do that soon. Thanks for the push, I’ll definitely work on posting more often.

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