Monthly recap : May 2021

It’s the end of May and I feel kind off empty. I spent quality time with my family, watched shows with my sister and managed to maintain a good workout streak throughout the month. However, I always feel bad when good things come to an end. I don’t know what June holds for me but the only wish I have is to have mental peace. I remember having a great time at my vacation in March this year. I enjoyed every second of it and was the happiest I have been in a long while. I wish I could be that happy my entire life. I wish I could learn the secret to be happy forever.

Mental health

  • Meditated for 17/31 days. I wasn’t able to meditate easily this month. I had to force myself each day and was extremely distracted during the time that I meditated. I broke my streak on 23rd May and didn’t feel like starting back again.
  • Journaled/documented my day for days. I pushed myself to write on some days but quit after writing a single line.
  • Practiced gratitude journaling for 0 days. I didn’t write it down but before sleeping I tried to recollect 3 good things that happened during the day and be thankful for it on most of the days this month.

Personal Growth

This section is for a new skill or talent that I’ve acquired in this month, tried a new activity or thing that has pushed me out of my comfort zone.

  • I read 120 pages of a book in about 3 hrs. The book was super engaging and I completely lost myself in it. There was a power cut in our area because of cyclone tauktae so I had nothing else to do than read. (Book : Atomic Habits by James Clear)


  • 1 long run in this month. 8.07 kms indoors within the confines of my small room at home.
  • Completed the 28 day SuperHIIT series by Tanvi Parikh. I am extremely proud of myself for completing this challenge and maintaining a 28 day continuous workout streak. This has been my highlight for this month.


  • Zero progress with CFA level 1 curriculum.
  • Zero online courses completed in May


  • Completed reading 0 books (More than halfway through 2 books.)
  • Watched 2 amazing K-dramas this month that I loved. Crash landing on you and School 2017. K-dramas have the power to transfer me to a whole new world filled with love, warmth and innocence. It reminds me of my childhood when I was optimistic, happy go lucky and extremely hopeful in life.

May you have been amazing. June…..Please be good!

10 thoughts on “Monthly recap : May 2021

  1. You did great, you will do even better in June. You ran 8 km indoors, wow amd 120 pages in 3 hrs, impressive. It’s lockdown in your state right, I hope this will pass too, swiftly.

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  2. You have done super nice!! Time spent with loved ones is also healing and nice for mental health. Ahhh, I want to read a book! I am unable to find an intriguing read. Crash landing on you has my ❤

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  3. At least you meditated for half the month – hopefully it helped you on those days! You know what they say ‘theres no other way then higher!’ Great post and I’m new to your blog and I love it! ❤

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    • Thank you so much for taking time out to read my post and post your lovely comment. I really want to maintain a daily meditation practice but somehow I break the streak each time. Let’s hope June is a good month to be consistent at this.

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    • I haven’t been too organized in the last 2 months either. I make these recaps to document my progress each month (good or bad). Trying to get back on track. Trying to form good habits that I’m consistent with. I’d suggest a book to you that’s insanely amazing to improve one’s productivity ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear. Do check it out.


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