Wish I knew this earlier

“The past is a place of reference, not a place of residence; the past is a place of learning, not a place of living.”

Roy T. Bennett

Although I haven’t ran the whole course of my life yet, there are some lessons I learnt pretty late. When we are young, we are filled with confidence and optimism about the future and believe that we can move past any challenges in life. However, we end up giving up the reins of our life to fate during the later stages in life. As we grow older, we realise that we could have channelised that high amount of confidence and optimism into something productive and fruitful that would help us be more in control of our life.

These are some lessons I’ve come accross either through internet or bitter experiences or analysing the life led by people around me. Although I wish I knew this earlier, I’m really glad that I’m aware of it now and have worked on it to improve the overall quality of my life.

  • Join a sport or participate in that extra curricular event :- I was a big time nerd and truly believed studies are the only thing that I should be doing as a student. I was horribly wrong. I realised the importance of fitness and communication much later in life. Learning a sport helps not just in developing strength and stamina but also becoming more disciplined, learning from our failures and facing challenges headstrong. We live in a very sheltered environment as far as school and college is concerned and have people around to help with our requirements. Once we are thrown into the real world, every new situation seems life threatening and we fail to blend in with the crowd. Learn to make new friends, talk to more people, learn about their experiences, participate in events that force you out of your comfort zone. That’s how you realise that every single person on this planet is dealing with their fear and insecurties and you learn to feel less intimidated by people, especially strangers.
  • Be financially independent : It’s very important to chase our dreams and passion and figure out the purpose of our existence. However, we also need to find a way to be financially independent along the process. Unless we have unlimited financial resources left to us by our ancestors, everyone needs to work for their survival in this world. Make sure you incorporate the golden habit of saving early on in your life, learn about financial planning, take advise from experts to grow your corpus, make financially sound decisons when it comes to material purchases, know your long and short term financial goals. Once you feel financially sound, you can take all the big decisions in life with more confidence.
  • Make meditation a part of daily routine : We all know the wonderful benefits of meditation however it can take a painfully long time for us to visibly see the changes in our life. Till that time, we are required to meditate cosistently without expecting any instant gratification. And that my friend, is an extremely difficult task. It’s better to think of it as a part of daily routine that we need to follow without fail like brushing our teeth or taking a bath. Yes, meditation is undoubtedly the best tool available within our control which can help in maintaining a sound mental health. And making it a daily routine is the best way to reap it’s rich rewards later on in life.
  • Everyday is equally important : Most of the days in my life are a waitlist for the special ones/the D days/an important day to look forward to. We feel happy on these special days and dread to get back to the “normal routine” to be followed on the other days. If we can learn to tweak this mindset, there will be a visible change in our happiness levels. The best way to do this is by maintaining a daily journal. It’s just a 5 minute daily practice that requires you to revisit your day and write down whatever made an impact on you that day. This small practice can help you be more grateful and pull your attention back to the present moment. Document your day, focus on making daily progress, make memories, click pictures, life certainly isn’t about those few special days, everday is equally special.

And that’s all I’ve learned and try to implement in my day to day life to feel at peace and more happy in general. Hope it helps you too!

19 thoughts on “Wish I knew this earlier

  1. I agree with this totally, people need to make the most of life and it’s opportunities, as it is better to start at an early age it is never too late. That being said no matter what you do or have done or hope to be, every experience and life lesson builds you into the person you are today or will be in future, if you didn’t go through what you have been through then you wouldn’t be you. Embrace your past and embrace your life and whats left of it, as you only have one life. Never regret anything, as I said you wouldn’t be you if you didn’t live your experiences.

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    • Absolutely right. That’s exactly what I wanted to summarise here. Although I wish I would have known all of these earlier, I’m glad I do now and it’s never too late to start. I just hope someone else can benefit from it much earlier in life.😊

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      • Yeah totally agree, if I’d have known this when I was a young one my life would have turned out a lot different. Don’t get me wrong I live life without regrets, but there’s always that what if moments. Also thats the joy of spreading stuff like this, so others can benifit and learn from other peoples mistakes, if it helps them it can help you feel better.

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      • Living a life with no regrets is the dream and probably the right way to live it. I’m still working on this aspect of my life, hopefully I’ll get there soon. And yes, it does feel great if what I share is of value to someone. It’s an indescribable feeling!

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  2. I agree with your points ;

    1. Participate in extra curricular activities. ✓✓

    2. Financial independence – yes, I want it. I have given myself one year to learn it. But I don’t know where to start. Maybe I should start with calculating my expenditure which is going to increase in the future.

    I have to pay for regular newspapers and magazines to prepare for competitive exams.

    3. Meditation ( + warm-up) ✓

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    • Yes! It took me a while too to start a regular saving habit. Few things that helped me were keeping a track of my monthly expenses, stop using credit cards, add products to wishlist first instead of buying it right away, make sure to save 30% of my monthly salary without fail. All the best for your competitive exams! I’m sure you’ll do amazingly well!

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  3. Wooww you are just wonderful, you can’t be more right, hmm, I don’t know why I said wonderful, I just feel like it, so many things to do, later 👋👋😇😇 great blog,

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  4. I would like to point out certain things-
    ‘Once we are thrown into the real world, every new situation seems life threatening and we fail to blend in with the crowd.’
    You Said this right. You spend your entire childhood being told not to talk to strangers but as an adult it’s the most important thing you have to do.
    Even the schooling you get, left you confused for your whole life. Imagine if they actually help children from the young age on how to face the real world, wouldn’t it be better?
    And I realised this while growing up and I wish that I knew all this earlier.

    You are so right about to be financially independent and doing meditation every day to keep the mind ready to welcome quality notions.
    It’s really an interesting post if one understands the drift.

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    • Thanks a lot fot taking time out to read and comment. These realisations have always got me thinking about my childhood and how life could have turned out differently had I followed them from a young age. I’m glad I learnt all this through experience, it makes me value it even more.

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  5. I read “Supermode” and thought it said “Supermodel” 😃. I totally believed it too with the beautiful profile pic you have.
    I love that you included financial independence in your list. I believe it is a crucial thing to true enjoyment of life. The Bible says “The borrower is slave to the lender”, and although it might not mean actual slavery, there is a feeling of weightiness when one is indebted to someone else. Great post!

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    • Awww.! That might be the sweetest thing someone has said to me. When I started this blog in 2016, I was obsessed with the word “Super” and wanted to add it to my blog name as part of my identity. Whenever I felt weak, I came to my blog, switched on my “Super Mode” and tried to overcome everything that life threw at me. That’s how the name came into being.

      I totally agree with the Bible quote. No matter the source of income (shouldn’t be cheating of course!), through a corporate job or buisness or work at home assignments, we got to be financially independent to live our life with total freedom!💙

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      • My granddaughter is 2 and “super” is her favorite word. It sounds so cute in her little baby way of speaking. EVERYthing is super with her. “Super scary” “Super cold” “Super yummy”… etc. She will love when I tell her your Super Mode story. Have a great day!

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  6. Wish i knew that too, but atleast i managed to join a few sports clubs in my last two final years in high school although the coronavirus ensured ruin on the school sports calander in my final year but cant complain since there was nothing much i could have done to change the situation

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