Monthly recap : April 2021

Day 30/30

Aah, it’s the end of April and with it ends my least productive month. I haven’t even reached close to completing any of my goals for this month and that’s OKAY. This month has been tumultuous with the second wave of covid hitting India, constant rise in covid cases, my closed ones getting infected and hospitalized thus causing us trying to battle anxiety and fear every single day. It has been a hell of a month. And I’m glad it’s over.

Although it shouldn’t be the case but I feel motivated by the start of a new month. It feels fresh with new possibilities and hope. A fresh new start to my goals, it’s like hitting the reset button and starting afresh. And I need this refresh more than ever this month.

I’ve planned a lot of things for May in my head. Will write it down in my journal tonight. But I’ll refrain from making huge commitments here. I really want to stick by all my plans this month. The most important aspect surrounding all of my goals for May is developing mental strength and inner happiness. What I’ll be doing differently to make sure I stick to my plans is to track my time (every tiny detail for at least a month) so that I’m aware of how well (read horribly) I use it. I’m pretty excited for May.

Mental health

  • Meditated for 16/30 days. No excuses, no genuine reasons. I was lazy on some days, anxious on others but in general not disciplined enough to follow my routine
  • Journaled/documented my day for days. Nil, absolutely none!
  • Practiced gratitude journaling for 0 days. No where to hide!

Personal Growth

This section is for a new skill or talent that I’ve acquired in this month, tried a new activity or thing that has pushed me out of my comfort zone.

  • I gave a job interview that was pretty tough. I’m glad I ventured out of my comfort zone and faced my fear. It was a good experience!


  • 1 long run in this month. 13 kms on my birthday
  • HIIT workouts twice a week during the weekdays (ranging from 20 to 30 mins). Longest workout streak of 5 days last week.


  • Zero progress with CFA level 1 curriculum.
  • Zero online courses completed in March


  • Completed reading 0 books 
  • Watched 2 amazing movies this month that I couldn’t stop raving about. Bollywood movies Paglait and Ludo are an absolute must watch.

May, let’s get it!!!!

22 thoughts on “Monthly recap : April 2021

  1. That journal thing goes same for me, hahahahaha it’s not like I was tensed or anything, it’s just, but excuses won’t help right, ok, I am going early today for bed, starting early always feels good. Don’t worry and be strong, things will change, for good.

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    1. Yeah..I know, I can understand. We know certain things are good for us yet we keep procrastinating on it as they don’t give us instant gratification. 🤷🏻‍♀️ That’s where discipline comes into picture. Discipline > Motivation always!

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    1. Aww.. that’s so sweeeett!!! I’ll be posting here and there in May (will try to create and stick to a blogging routine)… Hopefully I’ll have a better May recap for you by the end of this month!🙈

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  2. I like the blunt honesty to self, it’s the first step to progress if followed by action. May the month if May be filled with growth and development for you.

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    1. Thank you so much for the taking time out to reD and comment on this post. I figured if I don’t post about all the times I fumble, it’ll amount to tweaking the reality to make it look all hunky dory. I’m working hard to make May a month of growth and development as you said!

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      1. Welcome. Works the same for me, every time I put a zero on my to do list it pushes me to want to put more effort on the task in the coming month.

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