Connect the dots

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.”

Steve Jobs

Day 17/30

A friend asked me a very profound question today, what do you think you’d be doing when you turn 40? I didn’t have any instant answer to this question. Questions like these are so difficult to answer. Life is so uncertain and I fell unsettled most of times. How would I know what I’d be doing 9 years from now. I sure do hope I’m happy, that’s what I aim for each day.

Just imagine a life, where you’d exactly know how your future would pan out. You have seen it, you know what to do to achieve it, you can avoid all hurdles along the way as you know those won’t help you reach the destination easily, you’d be ANXIETY-FREE. Well isn’t that awesome!

But my friend was quick to bring me back to my senses. “Life would be so boring then!”, he said. You wouldn’t have to face any challenges, you’d never experience the emotion of surprise, excitement or happiness as you would have already anticipated the outcome. There would be no joy of working hard and achieving your desired results through your efforts. Life would be meaningless.

As hard it is to accept this, it’s true. We shape ourselves and grow through each obstacle and challenge that we face in life. It’s very important for us to appreciate the outcome of our actions. As quoted above by Steve Jobs, we can only connect the dots backwards. So no matter where you are and what you do, don’t forget to work hard. You have nothing to lose. It will all make sense in the end.

8 thoughts on “Connect the dots

    • Thank you so much for the constant support, really means a lot. Okay, so this quote from Steve Jobs is from his commencement speech from Stanford in 2005. I’ll leave you a link below, check it out, it’s incredible.
      According to my interpretation of his quote, when we are younger, we are in a hurry to understand our purpose on this earth, try to find out what are repurcussions of our actions, what we should be doing exactly on this planet to be of use to others. We are restless and confused. We desperately wish to connect the dots of our life. When you connect the dots, you understand the outcome. What Steve Jobs says is that you cannot connect the dots forward. You won’t be able to understand the impact you have on this world now, you wouldn’t know why you do things that you were meant to do, you wouldn’t understand the importance of certain failures, bad events in your life. But when you experience them, go through everything, looking back at the events that transpired in your life, you’ll be able to connect the dots well. You’ll know why certain events took place in your life at that particular time, how those events shaped the trajectory of your life, how you finally became the person you were meant to be. So he motivates us to keep moving forward and trust the process. Everything will make sense in the end.

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  1. That video was great, i like the death and dot part the most. Death is amazing, I knew it, it’s just hard to convince people. About the dot part, hmm, everything looks perfect and seems to be a wise dicision in the end.

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