Monthly recap : January 2021

The first month of 2021 has drawn to a close. For the first time in my life, I don’t feel rushed or lost at the end of a month. I don’t have any regrets of how I spent my time this month. I tried very hard to journal everyday and that sure does help in bringing back my focus to the present moment.

This is my first monthly recap and I plan on doing this at the end of each month going ahead. I will be dividing this recap into 5 categories namely Mental Health, Personal Growth, Workouts, Education, Entertainment. I’ll be including my progress in these categories and goals for next month. I might change/update these categories over the course of the year if I find them irrelevant or not in sync with my overall progress.

Let’s do this!

Mental health

  • Meditated for 26/31 days. I initially started with 5 min meditation during the weekdays and increased it to 10 mins during the second and third week. Last week was exceptionally good with a 20 min meditation even during weekdays.
  • Journaled/documented my day for 21/31 days.
  • Practiced gratitude journaling for 9/31 days.

Goals for February :- 20 min meditation everyday (maintain my streak on headspace app), practice journaling and gratitude journaling everyday.

Personal Growth

This section is for a new skill or talent that I’ve acquired in this month, tried a new activity or thing that has pushed me out of my comfort zone.

  • Woke up at 5.45 am consistently for 3 days in the last week (This is a big deal for me and helped me extensively in having a rush free morning hour during the weekdays)

Goal for February :- Try at least one new activity that forces you out of your comfort zone and document it.


Extremely happy with my progress in this category!

  • First longest solo run of 18.36 kms to kick start the new year (pace 7.01/km)
  • 4 long runs in this month
  • HIIT workouts thrice a week during the weekdays (started with 20 mins and increased to 30 mins in the last week)
  • Increased my rope skipping sessions to 1000x, twice a week from 600x in the last week

Goal for February :- 25 pushups in proper form at one stretch


  • Decent progress with CFA Level 1 curriculum. I’m left with 2/10 subjects for 1st reading

Goal for February :- Revision of entire CFA curriculum twice and make notes, study for at least an hour after office complete 2 online courses and earn certificates


Goal for February :- 2-2-2, complete 2 books, 2 movies and 2 series

That’s it. Aah, how I love documenting my goals, progress and creating these recaps. Can’t wait to see what February has in store for us.

Enjoy the day and let’s begin February 2021 with a bang!