12 goals for 2021

My goals are usually very descriptive and never ending. I love writing down goals and I’m curious to experience life in general. Although I’m tempted to write down every goal in the book each year, I’ve decided to stick to 12 most important ones this time. I’m jotting down these goals here as my wish list for the Universe. It’ll be great fun to revisit them at the end of the year and figure out how many goals I managed to accomplish.

  1. Travel to South Korea and attend BTS concert live
  2. Clear Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) level 1 exam (scheduled on 21st February), earn a scholarship for Level 2 exam
  3. Run 10 kms under 60 minutes and half marathon under 2 hrs 15 minutes
  4. Meet my other half (Dripped in cheese, I know. The wait has been excruciatingly long!)
  5. Lose body fat, gain muscle definition (will define this in absolute terms once I check my current measurements)
  6. Read 50 books and watch 50 shows/movies
  7. Join the 5 am club (wake up at 5 am everyday)
  8. Help mom lose weight (10 kgs) and become the fittest version of herself
  9. Complete 12 online courses
  10. Cross the 500 articles and 1000 followers mark on my blog, The Supermode.
  11. Speak, read and write fluent Korean
  12. A 50% increase in my current pay scale, upgrade in my designation at work (through my current job or a new one)

That’s it and I’m all pumped for 2021!

16 thoughts on “12 goals for 2021

  1. Wow reading your goals gave me so much motivation!! All the very best and keep safe during all your adventures and then you’ll have an amazing, productive year… Also good luck with all your exams and I’m sure you’ll ace it!!!! 🙂 🙂

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  2. Beautiful to read even about your Ma, it will be hard because mothers in turn become kids once we start trying to tell them to do something and more so losing weight 🙂

    Wishing to be there by the end of this year here, to see what all was done.
    My wishes Supermode 🙂

    Nara x

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    • Haha, yes true. My mom does listen to me and tries her best to follow anything that’s good for her health. Her weakness is sweets and that’s where we need to exercise control. I have also noticed that she gets motivated when she observes me working hard towards my fitness goals too. So I need to make sure to be disciplined in pursuit of my goals to inspire her to follow hers.

      Thanks a lot for the wishes. This motivates me to work harder.

      Stay blessed.

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