The damsel in charge


I’m watching a lot of quality content these days. Entertainment is such a huge part of our lives. The entertainment industry is blooming because of the excessive demand for it from general public. People who star in certain amazing movies and shows are admired to the extent that they are worshiped at certain parts of the world. What is it about the entertainment industry and the imaginary world of movies and shows that draws our attention to it?

As a child I was a huge fan of fairy tales. I absolutely loved the story of “Cinderella”. And I waited for my Prince Charles every single day after that. After reading/watching many fairy tales, I was convinced that I’d end up meeting my knight in shining armor who’ll save me whenever I’m in trouble. For the longest time, I shrugged off taking responsibility of my life thinking that it will all get better once I meet my knight. I did my best at studies and work without envisioning any great goals for the future.

Most of the movies and shows that I’ve watched till date always showed a wonderful man saving the damsel in distress from any trouble and end up being her hero. Are girls that vulnerable to need a man to save them from every problematic situation? I have lived all my life subconsciously believing that I will end up meeting my knight in future who will change my life and make it better. Thus, I ended up not working on my life. I never believed that I had the ability to make it better myself.

It took a lot of hurtful experiences and unlearning to realize that change starts from within. The only person who has the ability to make my life better is my own self. If I don’t work on myself and develop the ability to find happiness in each and every situation in life, the greatest of knights wouldn’t be able to help me.

I’m thankful to have this realization early on in my life. I don’t live my life with an endless wait for someone to enter it and make it better. I am in control and work on making it a little better each day. It’s not that difficult really!

4 thoughts on “The damsel in charge

  1. It’s the realisation that comes after certain experiences and gives some more thoughts. Basically it goes on auto-mode eventually.

    The narrative of our lives depend on what we feed ourselves and what we think about most of the time. The people in our life who have the greatest influence must be chosen wisely, so that things add up more than they cut down.

    Cut by the experiences of life, you get shaped into the diamond!
    The more the cuts, the glittery it is.

    It’s about holding the ground
    For most of them
    It doesn’t get that way

    Cheers to you and spread your vibes far and wide. So that the new narrative as it is seen across with many more stories – Moana, Frozen, Brave, Zootopia !

    It’s within all of us and we must give life a fair chance to get the best out of ourselves for our own good 🙂

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      • That’s an amazingly written post. Loved reading it. Although my mother is very progressive, there are some society imposed rules that dim every girls light. They are fed with certain restrictive thoughts since childhood because that’s what they were taught and ended up believing in. Change comes from within and it needs concentrated effort to make life worthwhile.


      • For every 1 girl in a million who takes that one little step the society progresses 100 years ahead 😀

        Because of her motivation, her story and her vibe in her own life, family, neighborhood and the city, state, country that seem to own her success and story.

        We need to tell more stories and create healthy balanced lifestyles for both men and women so the families are sustainable and healthy, giving rise to more broader sense of careers, opportunities, beliefs and life experiences.

        Sudha Murthy is one such golden soul who has influenced so many in the direct way. And at every corner of life and in every little village, there is someone who takes one little step in their own to make things happen.

        The world just continues to go on 🙂

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