Extra”ordinary” me


I’m watching a brilliant k-drama these days. The concept of the drama just blew my mind and the story line keeps getting better by each episode. The drama is about characters in a “manhwa” (South Korean graphic novel) who become self-aware and realize that they are not real. When one of the characters becomes self aware, she feels that she is the protagonist of the manhwa. However, she is in for a rude shock when she comes to know that she’s just an “extra” character who is meant to bring the main protagonists together.

The concept of this drama is such a creative masterpiece. This “extra” character hates her personality in the manhwa and is diametrically opposite to the writer’s creation. Her character is a terminally ill high school student who has a crush on an arrogant guy for almost a decade and is used as a plot device to bring the main leads closer. Since she is aware that she has limited time to live (survive in the manhwa), she wishes to change her story line to focus on herself than spending all her time for the protagonists.

This drama’s story line has so many parallels with our reality.

Characters who aren’t self aware and have no clue that they are merely playing a role in a fictional world : Many people tend to live their life on auto pilot mode. They have no clue why they do what they are “supposed” to do in life. They spend their life living according to the terms defined by others or the society in general and do not question them at all.

Characters who are self aware yet have no issues with their personalities : There are people who tend to be happy and make others happy in every situation. They are those kind of flowers who bloom wherever they are planted. These people are known as “optimists” or “happy go lucky” and tend to find happiness in small things. They try to make things work according to their wishes but don’t fret over it when it doesn’t pan out well.

Characters who are self aware and wish to change their story line : They are those breed of people who question the norms. They fight for themselves and wish to live their lives on their own terms. They do not agree by the path set for them by others and fight tooth and nail to get it changed in their favor. Some manage to get things done because of their perseverance, others don’t, but one thing remains the same, they never stop trying.

Characters who are self aware, do not agree with the proceedings yet do not go against it : These are the ones who never fight for themselves and dissuade others from trying as well. They try to crush the hopes of the rebels and optimists who wish to change the world by saying that everything will happen according to what the author decides anyways.

The author : The author here could be a metaphor for the society, the rule makers, authoritarians or even God.

I don’t know if I fit in a specific character description here. Over the years, my story line has had many character developments and I’ve got to live like each of the characters in the manhwa. What I wish to do in future is to live for myself more and go past the self and society imposed restrictions that hamper my growth.

Can you relate to any of the characters specified above? Do let me know in the comments below. I’ll go back to binge watching the drama.

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