Broken dreams


Since I’m too tired to even think today, my today’s post is my first and only attempt at poetry. This poem was written by me about 4 years back after having my heart crushed into a million pieces (I can be dramatic too!). I can laugh about it now but those were some trying times. I must have written this poem with tears in my eyes. Writing this poem did help ease the pain a little bit. I’ve never got around to write another poem after this one.

Her mind goes into overdrive,

To control the heart that wanders astray,

The world that she has in her dreams is too beautiful to leave,

Back to reality, every thought, word and silence is painful,

A moment of happiness turns into lifetime of grief,

She wonders what she could have done better,

To earn this unattainable dream.

Her dreams are too sweet to let go, but mind rigid,

Can she only have this wish? Her heart pleaded,

Time to shake herself awake from this difficult illusion,

There are much better things to look forward to, screamed her mind,

By leaving the best? asked her heart.

11 thoughts on “Broken dreams

  1. Consciousness talking with the inner self !
    Beautifully potrayed deeper emotions and yet making sense even when there are tears. The way forward is always going to be that.

    If one can learn to treat – good times and not so good times alike – things will start to become more bearable and enjoyable.


    Too much space between each line in poetry, doesn’t capture the flow of emotions. Probably look at paragraphing them or making it into stanzas.


    And it’s not just drama πŸ˜‰
    It’s the melodramatic version of the self what is contained within a chapter which doesn’t spillover into another chapter !

    Well times have gone by
    And beautiful memories captured
    In words and expressions
    They can be revisited

    And many more memories to be created by action, by willingness and sometimes without any control or plan or anything whatsoever – things just happen.

    Drop a stone
    Sparkle a ripple
    Trigger a wave
    Let it enrage
    Reach the shore
    Meet the dare
    With a glare πŸ™‚

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