There’s always a way out

“When someone points a gun at your face, “you take the gun, or you pull out a bigger one. Or, you call their bluff. Or, you do any one of a hundred and forty six other things.”

-Harvey Specter


I watched the show “Suits” recently and was hooked till the last season. When Harvey Specter, one of the main characters in the show, suavely uses the above dialogue, the only thought I had in mind was, “Yeah, good for you, you are a fictional character, your writer will always have a way out for you!” I firmly believed that it’s diametrically different in reality. If you have a gun pointed to your head in real life, YOU DIE!

However, after experiencing a bit of life, I have come to realize that this might not be the case always. There have been many instances in my life where I felt like I had my back against the wall. However, with time, not only was I able to get out of the situation, it didn’t really seem as hazardous as I imagined it to be. Over time I was able to completely erase these kind of perilous situations from my memories that once gave me anxiety and panic attacks.

The basic instinct of every human being is to survive, non-existence is our biggest fear. Whenever we face a situation that is beyond our control, our brain immediately sends out fear signals to avoid it completely. But if we get past the initial inertia, we can come out with some way out for every situation. I’m not talking about a situation where you have a gun pointed to your head, I wouldn’t know what to do either. I am talking about the smaller, more relatable situations.

Like, you have been given a project to complete at work and haven’t been finding time to pursue your other interests. Eventually you give up on the hobbies that truly gave you happiness and push yourself to the brink of constant sadness. As you can see, the initial few days of handling any kind of change in your life is overwhelming, post that once you are used to a routine, you can always squeeze time out for your interests.

If you love sports, you can find time for it during your off days if not every day, if you wanted to hit the gym each day, you can resort to home exercises, if you want to learn a new skill, you can download an app or find a buddy with similar interest, you can always find an easier way to fulfil your interests. It’s very easy to blame your external situations for all your inadequacies, but if you look closely, you have the solution to all your problems deep within your mind. You just have to pay attention.

Initially, when I was asked to travel to office which involved a commute of 8 hrs per day, I was very upset to skip my workouts for those days. I really enjoy working out, it keeps me sane and gives me an endorphin rush that can’t be put to words. Today, after giving up on my workouts for several office-commute days, I managed to squeeze in a 10 min skipping session in the morning. It was a small session but made me feel more productive than my usual long routines. It’s because I did something that I believed was practically impossible. The adrenaline rush after completing such tasks is inexpressible.

Do you have any such thing in mind which you have been missing out on? Try making time for it tomorrow and realize the true potential of the human mind.

10 thoughts on “There’s always a way out

  1. It all starts with taking those small steps and gradually it becomes so big that we don’t even know how it got that way.

    Time has a significant amount of power in getting things in ways that we didn’t realise we would.

    But whatever approach or tendency one may have and whatever situation or context one must be in – it all starts with that one thought in the mind – that I can do it or probably I should try to do it.

    By doing things that add up to our own self and become a part of our entire system – be it logical and responsive – we become a cognitive machine that can surpass even bigger challenges and situations. Our previous experiences then make us take a firm ground

    Harvey has been through so many situations so many times since his internship, practice, officer, expert and specialist.

    He has skill, experience and smartness in his pockets or as so you say – in the liberty of the writer – be it fictional or real – there exists part of human group who do things at super awesome mode so I guess the writers are not so off !

    So cheers to your positivity and strength to be able to navigate through those times and be able to write about it in articulate way.

    It takes a strong will and heart. And sure many will find some strength by reading this.

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  2. I look forward to your feedback now. Thank you so much for the comment. I really hope people do find strength through one way or the other by reading this. Everyone has tremendous potential if they can overcome their negative self talk.


    • There are things that are imbibed in all of us. We need a companion – a mother, a sibling, a teacher, a friend, a neighbor, a co-traveller, a roommate – someone who can just be around there when it’s needed the most and when there doesn’t seem to be one because of our own limitations or thought process – if we seek, if we really seek – the master shall appear. Help will reach ~ as Dumbledore says or JK Rowling writes – because she herself experienced that.

      So with in us, as you say, there is an infinite possiblity that can unravel, if only we overcome our own self talks and rise from the surroundings.

      We must all learn to endure and ask for strength to go through things.

      The world is beautiful just around the corner which we don’t try to go and often end up walking in the same circle as our parents, friends, community and likewise. Their strengths become ours and their weakness becomes ours.

      If we learn to carve our own path we must live footprints strong enough for the people who come behind us to follow it well.

      So etch your marks and shine brighter.

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      • Yes, the Harry Potter reference is the most magical one I’ve read till date and apt in this reference. We also are a learner in this world, our experiences help us become a guide to someone else going through a similar situation. However, in the end each person carves their own path based on their experiences. We can only provide support and guidance. Thus, our self talk plays a huge role because that’s what helps an individual gain perspective and strength from their experiences.


      • Sometimes it takes a little bit of shaking to let go off all the dust that doesn’t let one see through the glass as to what lies ahead.

        And they may not be equipped to do themselves.

        Hence the counterpart. A companion plays equal role.

        You see – life is like a sine wave. And our power strength weakness limitations good times bad times all go through that curve of up and down.

        So when we are down, when most of us are in that down state, we may not be equipped to venture on our own – so it’s better to seek. And when we have overcome, it’s a good thing to live marks on the trees, so a fellow traveler may find that symbols, though their own interpretation will decide what happens.

        The combination of self strength/will and social well-being is the way we humans have come so far so good. And we will always go ahead in the same way. We are designed to be so 🙂

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  3. ” every human being is to survive, non-existence is our biggest fear.”
    Not always:
    Once, there was a ‘fight’ going on outside my friend’s apartment, one night, and my death was not my fear, but rather, my shame of not acting, was my biggest fear. So, I stood between a woman and a man beating her, and had he not backed down, I would have had to choose between ducking and being swept aside, or taking the beating for her, that he had been giving to her before he threw her, again, against the wall. As she lay crumpled on the ground thanking me, I still heard the furniture and screams of my mother, as I was locked in a room, at 4yr old, while her boyfriend beat her. As this man, much larger than I, ordered me to move, the sobs of two women merged, and I decided that the shame of obeying outweighed my very visceral fear of dying, at that moment.
    So, sometimes, surviving is not our priority.

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    • Thanks for your comment. You’ve mentioned two pretty disturbing situations and I’m proud of you for sharing your thoughts here. My thoughts in this post are in accordance with the basic human instinct of survival. You might be aware of the “fight or flight” reaction that humans use to deal with any threat. Our first instinct is to survive and it’s deep rooted in our brain. As we have evolved through the ages, our brains have also undergone a massive change and has moved past the basic survival instinct. The humans in this generation need not think only about food and escaping danger for survival. Kindness, compassion, help, support, passion, purpose, love are all emotions that we have developed through the ages and the actions of the present generation are moulded by these emotions and many more. My post is directed towards people who might feel like giving up at times or cannot seem to find a way out of their current dilemma. What I’ve noticed from my experience is that things usually work out in the end and all we got to do is to be a little more patient and resilient.

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