The joy of learning

“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding”

– Leonardo da Vinci


I still remember my oldest memory as a student. I had a little cursive writing book that had enthralled me. One day, I resolved to complete few pages of the book and was so engrossed in the activity that I didn’t budge even at my mother’s constant calls for dinner. I completed the task and proudly showed my mom the finished work.

But I didn’t feel the same way throughout my student life. Somewhere down the line, my mind stopped being in tandem with my brain. Studying became a burden as getting good grades was a requirement instead of an accomplishment. The concept of studying involved mugging formulas, long answers and chemical equations. Many a times I would completely zone out while studying, failing to understand the reason why we were made to do this.

I am a person who is inquisitive by nature. I enjoy learning about new things, understanding it’s background and everything related to it. But as a student, I had no idea of what studying really meant. It was just another routine that we followed, there was no greater meaning to it. When I think about it now, it just seems a waste of precious years of a human’s life. If a person isn’t aware of the purpose behind their actions, they’ll just grow into a clueless human being. It might strike them much later in life when they try to question the true meaning of their existence.

When I study or research about any subject now, it’s just out of pure curiosity for knowledge. It took such a long time for me to understand what my mind truly needs. My instincts and actions are in sync with each other and that’s why I can find joy in them. If a kid repeatedly portrays dissatisfaction towards learning, it might not be because he is lazy. I understand it’s very difficult to relay the importance and value of education for kids at a young age but a small step can be taken towards sparking a curiosity in them. Education needs to be more practical and interactive. Students need to be taught life skills from a young age. They need to be taught to be brave and headstrong to face any situation in life. They also need to understand psychology and how their mind works at a younger age so that they are able to judge their emotions well.

When we are young we have people to seek guidance and help us out. However, we are still ill equipped to deal with life and reality when we become an adult. We do learn with experiences but a little head start can help way beyond our imagination. It could help improve the quality of our life to a great extent, make us a little more happy and fulfilled with ourselves. Well, isn’t that a good thing to seek?

7 thoughts on “The joy of learning

  1. Absolutely

    The base of life is what you speak of

    Essentially going through things makes us tough and aware
    At the same time being prepared might help
    To spark curiousity and inspiration is essential for all round growth of a child
    But only a few end up doing

    But whatever might be the case and how things have been

    Right now before us – is the challenge of the times unprecedented ever

    To nurture and shape the young in ways it has never been done
    Not only to support and care but also train for the life as it may unfold
    Keep the sails strings strong and anchoring them well when needed
    We must all grow up from our circumstances and produce something that uplifts us from our doings and existence

    We must seek, as you say, to be able to live our lives fulfilling, with a little bit of everything and nothing of too much ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Lest we may get drown in the good or the bad.

    So cheers to your spirit
    And may you keep filling your curiousity with subjects that interest you
    And continue to spark
    The light that ignites you
    May you spread it far and wide
    And may you be provided with the innate power and strength to be who you are ๐Ÿ™‚


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    • WOW, just wow!! You have managed to summarise my thoughts in such a beautiful manner. I admire your clarity of thoughts and the ability to transform them into words with such ease. Thank you so much for reading my post and your kind inputs. You inspire me to do better.

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      • Sure. The more you keep writing, the better you get at it.

        It’s just like the cursive writing, you must practice and practice well. You must know how each letter must be written and the flow of the start and end. Once you master the letters words and sentences seem to be flowing with ease.

        So just like the cursive writing, we must initially if need take the help of the 4 rules and then slowly build our way towards writing on a plain paper.

        We must write with clarity or to seek clarity
        The essence is to write ๐Ÿ˜‰

        And writing improves our thoughts
        Our thoughts improve our writing.

        You see ?
        It just gets on automode or as you would like to call -“SUPERMODE”

        So write with all your heart and mind
        And let the ripples reach every shore
        Looking to see your work more and more.

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      • Thank you so much for your genuine feedback, it really means a lot to me. I’ve always loved writing but never really thought I was good at it. My blog is an attempt to improve my writing skills and as you correctly pointed out “flow of thoughts”. I’m extremely inspired by you, thank you for motivating me to do better.


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