Inner peace


What is your idea of inner peace? Lately, I’ve been thinking about this a lot. The other day I just wanted to lie down, close my eyes and experience the feeling of not having my mind blast out thoughts at the speed of light. It’s this constant chatter in my mind that I want an escape from.

I’ve started meditating and let me tell you, the feeling is incredible. Of course, my mind won’t stop churning out thoughts while I’m trying to concentrate on my breathing. That’s not the concept of meditation. The whole idea is to attain a higher level of awareness of your thoughts to help you not dwell on it for long.

I remember being a very happy, optimistic kid. I seldom experienced the emotions of boredom, anger or sadness. I guess all kids are like that. As we grow older and experience life better, our collection of memories grows bigger. It’s our memories, rather bad experiences from our past that makes us experience anxiety, sadness, nervousness, anger for the future. I’m sure no one on this earth has led a life without any struggle. Everyone deals with some or the other discomforting situation in their lives, some people just end up dealing with it better.

In the end, I’m well aware that everything is in my mind. The situations I’m fearing or dreading haven’t taken place yet. Many a time, the reality unfolds in a diabolically different manner than my thoughts. Yet, every new uncertainty makes me anxious. It makes me anxious to the extent that my present and future seem blurry.

When our mind, body and heart are in complete tandem, we experience inner peace, the feeling of true happiness. 30 years of life experiences have forced me to become an anxious person. Anxiety is no one’s friend and I don’t wish for anyone to experience it. For now, I’ll try to meditate my way out of my life’s uncertainties, at least the ones that my mind has creatively scripted. It’s my 20 minute escape from the world. As I continue to actively practice the art of meditation, I want to become a more calm, settled version of myself, more at peace with life, the way I was as a kid.

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